How To Buy

Did you get a successful bid of Auction works you wanted? Follow the instructions about the criteria of successful bid and process after the confirmation.


Successful Bid and Priority Order

Auction works are auctioned off to a bidder who presented the highest price. If there are more than two bidders who get the same amount, the successful bid will determine to the following instructions.

Off-line Auction

If the bidders who applied at the auction house, written report, or phone call have a competition with another bidder who has the same amount, the priority order will determine in the order of written > Auction house > Phone call.

Online Auction

Priority order of successful online auction is granted to Automatic bidding > Bidding.

If the bidders who has the bidding price, priority order is granted to a person who submit bidding price first by server time.


Confirmation of Successful Bidding

When you get the bid successfully at Off-line auction, you should write the signature on the confirmation of successful bid at the auction place. Otherwise, when you get the bid successful at online auction, you will get the confirmation email successfully.
Log in > My Account > Auction Transactional Information > Purchase List

When you inevitably need to withdraw the objects, the bidder should notify the intention of withdrawal with a document within 7 days from the day of successful bid.



The commission fee for the succeeded bid is set according to the following policy, but the other rate of commission can be applied through the internal policy.

  • Seoul(Domestic) Auction Purchase Fee
    • 15% of hammer price(tax excluded)
  • Hong Kong Auction Purchase Fee
    • 18% of hammer price
Hammer Price : The price of the highest bid, finalized by the fall of hammer and being called out his or her paddle number by the auctioneer.
Purchase Price : The sum of hammer price + successful bid fee + VAT


  • Inquiry email :
  • HEAD OFFICE. SEOUL : +82 (0)2 2075 4422 (English) +82 (0)2 2075 4408 (中國語)
  • Winning bidder should pay the buying commission within 7 days after the day of auction(If the purchasing price is more than KRW 3,000,000,000 won, please pay within 21 days) then, pick up your art works/objects.
  • Winning bidder can make the purchase fee to divided payment by agreement with Seoul Auction before bidding.
  • Winning bidder can pay the total purchase price by bank transfer, cheque, cash, etc.
  • Online auction is available to pay the purchase at website. (Please check the ailable payment card 'Visa, MASTERCARD...')
  • If you want to pay by credit card which is payment card, you can visit Seoul Auction office(Head office at Pyeongchang-dong/ Gangnam branch). When you give the notification in advance our accounting team will assist you.