How To Bid

You need to bid in the auction to get art works that you want. Please follow the instruction, how to bid.
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All of the auction bidders should register for a membership of Seoul Auction.
Please create the membership at website (homepage), exhibition, or Seoul auction office.

  • Subscription Member(Full Member)

    A regular member requires a membership fee(yearly USD 500) and have diversity of advantages with free receipt of periodicals issued by Seoul Auction(unique catalogues, preview exhibition guide book, etc.). You can Bid the all auctions(Art auction, Hong Kong Auction, Special Auction).

  • Associate Member

    Can receive the auction-related information service in Homepage.

Method of Membership Admission

Register on the website

When entering Membership in SeoulAuction, please complete filling up according to a regular member admission procedures.

If you already registered Associate member, you are able to pay yearly membership fee at Customer Type Career after log in. You would have a qualification of the Full Member.

Register at Exhibition/Office

If you visit SeoulAuction Head Office or each Branch and register a regular member, you can join a regular membership.

  • The customer who just registered for the Associate member wants to upgrade to Full member.

    After Admission Team will confirm, you will be upgrade to Full member.
    Question regarding to Full Membership: +82-2-2075-4471 (


Introduction about Seoul Auction

    • Major Auction : We sell varieties of contemporary, modern, and antique art works created by various Korean and international artists through the auction.
    • Hong Kong Auction : We sell art pieces which is globally famous Korean, Japan, China, Europe, United States and etc.
    • Special Auction : For the Special Auction we focus on one specific theme. We hold special auctions twice a year, during spring and autumn. It is comprised of works created through the collaboration between corporations and emerging artists.
  • e-Bid Now (ONLINE AUCTION)

    The "e-Bid Now" online auction provide the differentiation of wide-ranging artists and reasonable purchase prices. No need admission fee for able to join the auction through simple registration and certification of identification. While the period of preview exhibition, you can check the real items/art works.



Preview is a simple and small exhibition for check the condition of objects and art works before the auction begins. Anyone can enter the preview show and get a detail service regarding the objects and art works. The dates of preview exhibition and current auction will be notice through the invitation or website.

  • We submit the auction art works/objects as they are at the preview show.
  • We ensure the conditions of the items from the point we presented items on the auction.
  • The auction proceed with based on check the real objects through the preview show. Thus, we recommend that please fully check the condition of qualities of art woks/ objects.

Bidding Method

Please follow the instructions: Off-line auction and Online Auction.
It is unchangeable or cannot cancel after the bidding so please carefully when you submit the bid.


Bidding in Person

Bidders can make a bid by using one of the bid paddles provided at the auction.

Absentee(Telephone) Bidding

You can place the bid in real live by phone call with Seoul Auction staff.

Absentee(Written) Bidding

You should submit an absentee bid form specifying the highest amount that you are willing to pay for the art works/objects, at least a day prior to the auction.

Bid forms are accepted by e-mail only.


  • You can make a bid through Homepage Preview period of Online Auction, Action is closed in order from auction ending time.
  • In case of a bidding 30 seconds prior to Auction deadline, it is extended for 30 seconds automatically .
  • Above deadline can vary according to Online Auction Turn.
  • Send the ID-opening requests by e-mail :
  • Bidding

    Submit the bid each single round according to the given amount.

  • Automatic Bid

    Bidder setting the limited amount.

For the safety to bid online auction, you can proceed online bidding through the procedures of confirming and consenting the work status.


How to reserve Off-line Auction

For participate Off-line auction, you can reserve the seat in advance.

  • How to register the application form of bidding

    The member who wants bidding through the written report or phone call, please fill the application form completely and submit at the website or the back of catalogue. The form of bidding registration is close on one day before.

  • How to reserve the bidding via application form at website

    If you want bidding at the office/written report/phone call, you can write the application form of bidding reservation at the website. You can check the detailed statement of bid application through this process. Member Information > Reservation and Application > Bidding Reservation Application