About Us

Seoul Auction is a world-class auction house leading the artworld.
Seoul Auction will make an effort to raise the cultural competitiveness of the Korean art wave in the world. It will also try to make the art auction reach out to more people to make it a more common festivity.

Seoul Auction

한국을 넘어 세계로 도약하는 Seoul Auction 한국을 넘어 세계로 도약하는 Seoul Auction

We strive to make art auction available to more people.

Established in 1998 in South Korea, Seoul Auction is the first auction house of South Korea. As an only auction house to be listed on (Korean Securities Dealer’s Automated Quotation (KOSDAQ), Seoul Auction leads South Korean art market. For the last 16 years, we have endeavored to create the solid art market through transparent and rational transactions. Numerous artworks that Seoul Auction sold via auction became important barometers of South Korean art market.

We have presented exceptional contemporary Korean art pieces by holding major auctions for more than 140 times. Furthermore, since 2008, Seoul Auction have held auctions twice a year and became one of leading auction houses in Asia.

Seoul Auction wishes to share the enjoyment and pleasure of art auction with more people. We hold special auction with diverse theme, in order to enlarge the South Korean art market. These include our online auctions, <My First Collection>, an auction for the clients who have entered the world of art collecting, as well as <Wedding & Kids>, an auction devoted to marriage. In addition, we present items with much artistic values, such as Jewelry, wine, designated furniture, and sculptures. We always search novel and innovative artworks and objects to contribute to the world of art.

Our Values

SeoulAuction constantly provides a variety of auction services through the development of new items.
SeoulAuction takes a leap as a representative auction company leading Asia through global work exhibition and Hong Kong Auction commencement.
SeoulAuction makes every effort considering customers’ reliability and satisfaction with top priority.

About Auction

Offline Auction

Major Auction
Major Auction
In our major auctions, we provide the artworks from symbolic Korean contemporary artists and famous international artists submitted on the offline auction.
We also provide Ancient Korean arts that attests wisdoms and aesthetics of our ancestors, such as traditional Korean paintings, calligraphies, antiques, and ceramics.
Hong Kong Auction
Hong Kong Auction
Our Hong Kong Auctions are comprised of artworks of world-famous artists, and attracts art connoisseurs and collectors around the world.
Special Auction
Special Auction
Special Auctions are uniquely planned events based on a single theme. Seoul Auction holds these themed auctions every spring and fall. For these auctions, we collaborate with corporations and up-and-coming artists, in order to provide unique items to our clients.

Online Auction

Online Auction
Compare to our conventional auction sale, Seoul Auction Online Auction offers more reasonably priced works made by more wide range of artists.
We do not charge extra fee for our Online Auction service, and our online registration and identity verification processes are quick and easy.